The Perfect Answer

I’ve been asking the Universe for a lot of things lately. I’ve wanted to feel more at ease within myself and within my life. I’ve wanted to feel connected and aligned with the Universe and with my Inner Being. I’ve wanted to have more trust in the Universe and more trust in my ability to receive guidance from my Inner Being. I’ve wanted to allow the Universe to take good care of me.

I noticed that I felt that my life was getting out ahead of me. I noticed that I still felt like I was striving to prove myself as worthy. I felt like I was trying too hard and that I wanted to feel more in balance.

My eBay business was beginning to feel more like a test than the fun activity it had started out as being. Sending out job applications and practicing for an official typing test brought out some performance anxiety.

I asked the Universe to help me to achieve a state of innate worthiness where I could feel settled in myself and settled in my place in the world. I wanted to make my choices from an empowered state of knowing my divinity while at the same time allowing myself to be fully human.

I had noticed that I held a guardedness within me. I was afraid to be human just like everyone else. I mistakenly believed that this outlook protected me from mistakes and illness and problems, but I then realized that it also kept me from fully engaging in life and having all the fun things, too. I wanted to get to the place where I realized that a full human life is all encompassing. It includes all sorts of contrast. I wanted to believe Abraham’s claim that the contrast is to be celebrated. The contrast creates all of the magnificence of the vortex.

I was very aware of all of these thoughts the weekend before last so it came as no surprise to me that I fell on the street in San Francisco and broke my wrist. From the moment that it happened, I knew that it was the answer that I had been seeking.

Sometimes your Inner Being walks you right up to a contrasting experience because it will bring you to a new level of understanding and it will deliver all kinds of things that you have been asking for.

So here I am, focused on my healing and acutely aware of the fact that I am in state of being where the only thing required of me is to simply BE. I can’t use my left hand. The typing, the job applications, and the online business will have to wait.

I have permission to simply BE. I have permission to do things that take care of my health and take care of my emotional equilibrium. That’s it. Nothing to prove. Be in the moment. Trust that everything’s always working out for me. Enjoy the convalescence. I did this and it’s exactly what I asked for.  I am enjoying the unfolding, on the lookout for benefits, insights and expansion. I fully expect to come out of this better than before.



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