The Universe Adores Me!

As I continue to study and practice the teachings of Abraham, the more and more I am convinced that the Universe is knocking itself out to bring me everything that I want. I can see without a doubt that my Inner Being is really focused on me and constantly calls me forward to what I want. And just as Abraham always says, the more I notice and acknowledge that it is happening, the more often it happens.

Sometimes it’s even funny. Yesterday I had an impulse to do laundry in the morning and I immediately talked myself out of it because it isn’t my favorite thing to do. On the other hand, I do love having clean sheets and fresh towels. While I was carrying my coffee to the couch, I bumped into a chair and it spilled all over my white robe. Game over! I decided to wash that right away because I hate stains on my clothes. My robe is always washed with my linens. Ok. My Inner Being knows that and used that to my advantage. At that point, I was actually excited to do laundry.

This little incident stood out to me because just last month, I also had an impulse to wash clothes that I ignored and that time the Universe arranged for a pigeon to fly over me as I crouched to take a photo of a flower growing out of a stone wall.  It left a sizeable dropping on the front of my pant leg. Yikes! Laundry became a TOP PRIORITY in that moment and I was happy to obliterate the bird dropping from my life.

Both times, taking the time to take care of my personal needs was pleasant, satisfying and helpful to me. Learning to follow my impulses is working out so well for me. While my sheets and towels were spinning in the dryer yesterday, I got an impulse to go downtown to a gift shop that I had been meaning to visit. It was as fun as I imagined it would be and I found the perfect vegetable scrubbing brush that I hadn’t been able to find for the past few weeks.

Along the way, I met a lovely woman and her granddaughter on the bus. We had a delightful conversation about travel and we exchanged helpful information about transportation options here in Sacramento and further south in San Diego. We had the perfect answers to each other’s questions.

I love this! I live for this. This is my deepest desire. I want to live a hybrid life – one that is practical, helpful and fun and is also deeply connected to the spiritual world. I love having my Inner Being as my personal search engine and my all-knowing concierge, bringing me answers, people and opportunities. I love seeing the connection between my asking and my Inner Being’s promptings. I love watching the signs and clues come into my experience to surprise and delight me.

Oh! There was one more remarkable incident last week. I had an appointment to see a job coach and I felt the urge to take a notebook with me. I was running late so I grabbed the first one I found that would fit into my bag. When I arrived at the appointment, my coach asked for the user name and password for my account on the career website we were using. I had no idea we were going to do this. My eyes grew big and I started to stammer as I pulled the notebook out of my purse and flipped right to the page that had that critical information on it. Our meeting proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Whew! My Inner Being sure does know what it’s doing!

The mantra of the Universe is more! I appreciate all of this and am asking for more. I am letting the Universe take good care of me. I appreciate more and more and more that the Universe adores me! I am expecting more. Thank you, Universe!



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