Practice, Practice, Practice!

This is the first post that I have written in a month. I feel that these past few weeks have been so evolutionary for me. The evolution was so gradual and so uniquely personal that it didn’t feel to me that anything was improving. In fact, for a few weeks, I felt unsettled and off balance.

My belief in the teachings kept me waking up every morning with the expectation that my Inner Being would still be there for me if I would focus my energy on my alignment as often as I could. Mornings are so good for me because I wake up in a fresh place, KNOWING that I can set my own tone for the day. Meditation before breakfast each day quiets my mind, raises my vibration and opens me up to receiving messages from my Inner Being all day long.

When I was feeling unsettled, I gave up. I gave up struggling and striving and judging myself. I gave up trying to prove myself with an instant astounding success of my online business. My inner being reminded me that I started the business from a place of fun and whimsy. So I calmed down, took a step back and realized that this entertaining hobby of mine can be one of MANY pieces of the magnificent mosaic that is my fulfilling life. There are so many ways for me to enjoy life and I don’t have to give up one pleasing aspect in order have another. All the pieces can fit together.

We have been told that we have to suffer and sacrifice because there is only so much to go around. I love that Abraham teaches us to let go of shortage consciousness and to stop arguing for our limitations. I love the idea that the Universe is calling us to everything we want and that all we have to do is become a cooperative component by paying attention to how we feel.

Mastering the balancing of emotions is what it’s all about. It takes practice every single day. It’s not difficult to do. We don’t have to be perfect either.  Abraham recently said, “In the quest for perfection, there is no possibility for expansion.”  I understood that to mean that we can allow ourselves to be human and live our exquisitely imperfect lives because that is exactly how it is supposed to be. We have questions and problems that bring us answers and solutions that cause us to expand and become more. We are human and at the same time we have access to Infinite Intelligence through our Inner Beings. It is the deliberate blending of both worlds that allows us to sooth ourselves into more and more alignment and expansion, giving us access to everything that is in the vortex.

I love the idea that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment. I love the idea that the better I feel, the more of my vortex is available to me. I love knowing that my Inner Being is relentless in its love for me and that it is constantly calling me forward on my path. I love seeing some of my old limiting ideas melt away and feeling more at peace with myself and more expectant of good things to come.

What is happening these days is that I am receiving clearer impulses about what to do, where to go, what to buy, etc. I can see how all the pieces are coming together for me. I can feel the ease and the freedom of this. I feel more secure in my life more often. I know that everything is always working out for me and I now trust my own ability to become a more cooperative component on my path. I remembered that life is supposed to be fun. I am taking that very seriously. I am off to see how much fun I can squeeze into this day!



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