Back on Track!

Last week’s foray into old critical ways of thinking showed me very clearly what works and what doesn’t work for me in my quest for alignment and well-being.


  • Berating myself in any way – calling myself lazy or stupid or unsuccessful.
  • Putting pressure on myself to be different than I am.
  • Thinking that I should be further along than I am.
  • Comparing myself to other people.
  • Feeling the need to apologize for my interests, preferences and natural inclinations.
  • Feeling that I have to strive and suffer and work hard to be successful.

All of those thoughts drifted into my mind and as law of attraction got hold of one negative idea, another and another and another joined in and brought me into a cranky, negative, frustrated place.

The good news is that even all of this so-called negativity serves a purpose. This detour down a negative path brought me more clarity and a more belief in the laws of the Universe. Contrast puts more into the vortex and also brings me more understanding about what I actually do want.

The trick is to not beat yourself up for feeling negative emotion. This is what Abraham calls Step 5 in the Creative Process. Step 1 is to ask. Step 2 is where Source answers vibrationally. Step 3 is where we get into the receptive mode for answers, impulses and manifestations. Step 4 is where we get really good at Step 3. Step 5 is where we are back in Step 1 and we don’t get mad at ourselves for being there.

I think that Step 5 also includes appreciating being in this new place of contrast. As we move along our own individual, highly personal path, we are continually evolving. We receive a manifestation and this new manifestation creates a whole new set of contrasting experiences.

This is what life is all about – moving forward and moving towards more. It can be exhilarating if you know the laws of the Universe. It can be an adventure if you practice managing your vibration. Last week’s contrast reminded me of what does work:

  • Being kind, soothing and encouraging to myself.
  • Letting things gestate in their own time.
  • Appreciating where I am while being eager about what’s coming.
  • Appreciating and accepting my natural preferences, interests and tendencies.
  • Being more general about how I want to feel.
  • Spending more time doing things I enjoy.
  • Looking for the fun in everything I do.
  • Reminding myself that the Universe and my Inner Being are on my side.

This is an ongoing mental and emotional practice that is mostly invisible to other people, yet it is the most important aspect of creating anything. I appreciate my Inner being for having highlighted the importance of doing the vibrational work first and letting the manifestations unfold naturally. I am feeling my natural buoyancy again. I am feeling happy, excited and appreciative again. What a relief!


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