Being Easy About It

In the midst of creating my online business, I have been bumping up against doubts and insecurities. As each negative thought comes up, I take a step back and redirect my thoughts. In the past few years, I have become adept at soothing myself. This is so helpful in that it slows down negative momentum and keeps me from freaking out. Then I remind myself that I am not alone. I have my Inner Being with me at all times who is intensely focused on me and who is continuously beaming love and appreciation toward me, as well as sending me ideas and impulses about what to do next.

Strengthening my belief in these spiritual principles is what is of utmost importance to me right now. I write this blog for myself as a way of practicing my trust in the Universe and my trust in my ability to connect to Source Energy. It is a practice and I am committed to it.

I am committed to feeling good. I am committed to reshaping my beliefs about myself and about how the world works. I am committed to focusing in the direction of what I want. I love the idea that my thoughts create my reality. I love the idea that I am 100% responsible for what I attract into my life and I love seeing the evidence of my vibrational work appear in my reality.

A few weeks ago, I decided to focus on appreciating more. In particular, I wanted to appreciate my body just as it is. I have spent my lifetime berating my body and finding fault with it. I decided that I could give up that habit of criticism and maybe spend the rest of my life appreciating the body I have been given. Why not? I don’t have to be mean to myself anymore.

Two things happened as a direct result of this. Not once, but twice, random men on the street told me in very colorful ways that they found me attractive. My inner shift was reflected back to me. It’s important to me that I feel good in my body and that I feel confident in my daily life. I know that releasing negative thoughts about my body releases resistance and raises my vibration which improves my point of attraction.

The second thing that happened was that I found some money on the street. As I approached the bus stop, I saw a twenty dollar bill on the ground. I scooped that up and then felt an impulse to look around to see if there were any more where that came from. There were! I found several more folded bills fluttering on the grass nearby. I looked around to see if there was someone looking for it and there wasn’t.  So I scooped them up and got on the bus that appeared at that moment. Wow! That’s some powerful evidence for me!

This is working and I am being gentle with myself as I practice these principles. My tendency to be mean to myself is getting weaker as I continue to soothe myself with kindness and reassurance about my innate worthiness. I notice more easily when I am feeling defensive and I can nip that in the bud before I let myself go further down that negative path.

This is really about my personal path. Each of us has a unique path and a unique Inner Being. I am finding it fascinating to watch how my life is unfolding. The best part of it so far is the feeling of letting old beliefs fall away and allowing my true self to blossom a little more each day.




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