Feeling My Way Forward

I am really starting to understand that feeling good is the most important thing in life. Feeling good is where all of the power is. It’s about managing our point of attraction. Our point of attraction depends on our moods. Our moods are in our control. More and more, I see the correlation between how I am feeling and what shows up in my life. It takes practice to tune into my emotions and to head off negativity before it gets hold of me.

In the midst of creating my online business, I started to get overwhelmed. I was getting ahead of myself, making up future scary scenarios, putting pressure on myself to succeed and worrying about problems that don’t even exist. It was time to take a step back and chill out about the whole thing. I know that nothing good is created from a place of stress and agitation.

I remembered to lean toward satisfaction. Abraham continues to emphasize this point in all the recent seminars. Our work is to find satisfaction in our moment-to-moment activities. Manifesting our desires happens when we are in a higher vibrational state. The skill I want to nurture and cultivate is the ability to find that alignment more and more often each day.

My morning meditation practice sets me up to be more receptive to the information that my Inner Being is beaming at me all day long. The better I feel, the easier it is to pick up on the clues. When I pick up on the clues and something good appears, I feel loved and adored by the Universe. I feel appreciation for my Inner Being and Source Energy. I feel excited and exhilarated to be so well cared for. I have the power of Infinite Intelligence with me, egging me on and encouraging me forward.

Having had a taste of this feeling makes it all the more jarring when the lower emotions take hold, even just a little bit. This heightened ability to feel the subtle onset of fear or worry makes it easier to change the course of a negative trajectory early on so that I don’t go too far down that uncomfortable path. It’s as easy as reminding myself that this worrisome thought isn’t helping and that all I have to do is focus on something else. I don’t have to solve this problem right this minute. I can think about a better feeling subject and let my Inner Being arrange to bring me answers and solutions later on when I am feeling better.

I am learning to relax, trust and appreciate. I used to try too hard in the appreciation department, so I stopped forcing myself to make lists of things to appreciate because it felt counterproductive. I recognized that I was actually noticing more of  what was missing or that I was trying to compensate for feelings of anger or disappointment. Sometimes, I even felt embarrassed to appreciate my good fortune because other people might feel jealous of me.

I have gotten better at recognizing authentic appreciation and I realize how effective it is in the manifestation process. It creates a positive, powerful loop. Focus on feeling good, something good manifests, feel appreciation for it, that makes you feel good and you start the whole happy cycle once again. The key is to pump up the appreciation when it is feels easy and natural.

There are so many things to appreciate in a day. The more you notice the pleasing moments, the more pleasing moments appear. I appreciate my Inner Being and all the attention that the Universe is lavishing on me all day every day. It feels so good to know that I am continuously loved and supported by Source Energy. Most of all, I appreciate this feeling of utter worthiness that is taking hold of my heart and filling in the corners of my soul.  For me, this is true success. It propels me forward. I feel happy and expectant of magnificent things to come!



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