Happy to Be Here

Even though I meditate every morning, some days are more satisfying than others. Thursday was a blah day for me and I found myself reverting to worry and self-criticism. Whenever I feel this way in the evening, I remind myself that every morning is a fresh start with a brand new point of attraction. Any negativity we have picked up during the day is wiped away while we sleep.

Knowing this is so useful. It’s sort of like the movie Groundhog Day. We get to try again each morning with the benefit of having lived new experiences. We also benefit from all the contrast that we have lived. When I feel overwhelmed and confused, I know that more ease and clarity have been put in my vortex as a result. A stronger asking has been created and usually the next day unfolds more smoothly for me. I can appreciate the less pleasing situations as they are happening because time and time again, I have received answers to my questions, solutions to my problems and an improvement in my mood the very next day.

The past few days have been so engaging for me. My focus has been on satisfaction and appreciation.  Abraham has taken the emotional scale that lists 21 emotions starting with depression at the bottom and going all the way up to joy at the top and has simplified it to have only two emotions. In any given moment, we can ask ourselves if we are satisfied or less than satisfied. This is so easy! All we have to do is lean in the direction of those things we find satisfying and pay less attention to everything else.

This seems to be another way of saying that if there are ten things in our lives and only one is going well, pay attention to the one that is going well and all nine of the others will improve. By ignoring something, its energy is diluted and eventually deactivated. You really do get what you think about. For the past few days, I have made a conscious choice to think about the things that are going well, things that feel good when I think about them and things that are easy to appreciate.

My path is lighting up before me. I am being led to start my own online business reselling the treasures and trinkets that I so enjoy looking for at thrift stores. As I focus on how much fun it is to roam around and research possible products to sell, I am finding more and more appealing items at bargain prices. My intuition is getting stronger as I exercise it more and my Inner Being is right there to answer all my questions about setting up the business.  What’s fun is that an idea will just pop into my head while I am doing something else and I will know exactly when and how to proceed.

Acknowledging and appreciating all the guidance, the impulses, the ideas and the signs from the Universe feels wonderful and brings me more to appreciate. I am so happy in this new endeavor.  I am happy to be here in my home, happy to be here in Sacramento and happy to be here in this blended state with Source Energy.



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