Continuously Surprised and Delighted

For the last week or so, I have been struck by the all-encompassing nature of my Inner Being’s interest in me. Abraham always ends the seminars by saying, “There is great love here for you.” I am marveling at the depth of that love that exists for each of us. It is also so reassuring to understand just how personal and individual that love is.

The same energy that is holding the Earth up and spinning it in its orbit flows through each one of us. Think about that. Whether you call it your soul or your Inner Being or spirit or God self or some other term, it is constantly there, focused on us and it cares about every little thing we care about. Nothing is off limits. Not only does it care about all the things we care about, it is holding everything we want in a vibrational form and it is continuously sending us clues about how to let all those good things into our physical life experience.

In practical terms, this is mind-blowing to me. It means that the Universe is not only paying attention to little old me, it is knocking itself out to give me everything I want. It is so life-affirming to believe that I am cared for by Source Energy and that the combination of traits that make up my personality and my preferences are not only acceptable, they are supported and encouraged. Wow!

The same is true for everyone on the planet. We all get to be our true individual selves, if we choose to connect to the wisdom of our Inner Beings. Abraham often says that words don’t teach, life experience teaches. My experiences in the past week have taught me just how true this is.

One morning after meditation, I had the clear impulse to go to the nature preserve in my neighborhood. I also saw clearly that I should take a different route. Abandoning my original plan to go grocery shopping, off I went, camera in hand. This new route took me just a few blocks away from my usual path. It was a major improvement from the get-go. It was more pleasant and felt safer walking on the main road. As I continued down the side street, I noticed how calm and quiet it was. I passed some apartment complexes and private residences. Then I was surprised to see a large field surrounded by a white fence. Could there be horses here? As I looked more closely, I was thrilled to see three horses serenely grazing at the far end of the field.

I basked in the beauty of this scene for a few minutes and then I felt the urge to turn and look behind me. Directly across the street from me in a field I hadn’t yet seen stood a white horse with its full attention on me.  I could feel a sense of affirmation and well-being beaming at me. Then I became aware of more horses in that field and several others in the field next to it. This felt magical to me. I was surrounded by these beautiful animals in this pastoral setting and I was still in my suburban neighborhood, just a few blocks away from where I usually am. It felt like another world. Continuing on my way, I was graced with seeing an entire family of wild turkeys complete with a mother, several babies and a proud dad fanning out his tail feathers. There was also a majestic red shouldered hawk who kindly sat on a high branch long enough for me to take a bunch of photos that also gave me the answers to questions I had about how to use my camera.

There is a depth and a richness available to us when we allow our inner beings to show us the way. This was only one of the many magical experiences that happened in the past week. On the outside, my life may not appear to be changing, but I know that it is becoming more and more satisfying each day. I also know that it will only get better as I continue to focus on my alignment.


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