My Inner Being Knows Best

It’s very common for human beings to try to orchestrate the events of their lives. We are taught to get out there and “Make things happen!” When we try something new and it doesn’t work out for us, we may become guarded. We want to move forward but we are afraid of more failure or pain.

Unless, of course, we understand where our true power lies. We are Source Energy in a physical body and we have access to an Inner Being that is unique to each one of us. The more I focus on this and the more that I pay attention to the nudges from my Inner Being, the better I feel.

My Inner Being knows every single one of the limiting beliefs that swirl around and around in my head. The most magnificent thing is that it also knows how to make an end run around them so that I can release some of the old resistance that I have been carrying around for a very long time. My Inner Being is smarter than anyone I have ever known, is aware of every single thing about me and knows how to lead me around every limiting belief that I have. Isn’t that so powerfully reassuring?

Working with my coach, I have come to understand myself more deeply. Knowing my strengths has given me confidence to present myself as a valued member of a team. It also helps me to know what types of tasks are best left to someone else. Not having to be all things to all people is so freeing for me. I have always tried too hard to be what I’m not in order to please others. Now I know that it’s not realistic or even necessary to do that. I can be happy doing work that lines up with what comes naturally to me.

Retracing my steps, I can see how one decision to follow my guidance led to another and then to another and so on.  This all started with a Facebook group focused on joy. I enjoyed the group activities and the weekly group phone calls. I also felt a deep resonance with the group’s facilitator. I trusted her. When my Inner Being nudged me toward hiring her as a coach, not only did it feel logical, it felt exciting. I knew that it would be very effective. This is what following the path of least resistance looks like.

I will keep doing this because it’s working! Best of all, I am also seeing glimpses of the contents of my vortex, just like Abraham promised.  It’s exhilarating! I love the feeling of well-being. I love knowing that I am loved and adored by the Universe.

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