Freedom, Growth and Joy

According to Abraham, the basis of life is freedom, the purpose of life is joy and the result of life is growth. I had a rough day the day before yesterday because I forgot about the freedom and the joy. I got all caught up in something outside of me that put me in a very unhappy place.

It was pretty easy to turn the bad mood around because these teachings are so clear and so powerful. Through my meditation and my practice of following my impulses, I have hired a coach to help me get back into the workplace. I recognize that I have conflicting ideas about working for myself and working for someone else so having a coach to help me sort that out is very effective.

Anything that upsets me is wonderful contrast that always brings me more clarity. The contrast in this case was reading the results of an online assessment of my strengths. According to this particular test, I have five major strengths. Reading through them bothered me because they didn’t feel particularly useful or even particularly like who I am.

Lucky for me, I have an awesome coach who talked me through what the traits really mean. I would say that they are right on the money and yet I shrug my shoulders about them. There is no joy in this list. There is also a feeling of great limitation. I do have the qualities they listed and yet I am so much more. SO MUCH MORE!

Add these test results to the list of test results that I have acquired over the last several months and you still don’t have an accurate picture of who I am. This is where the freedom comes in. I love the feeling of freedom!  I love the feeling of possibilities! I hate limitations. So I can appreciate the results of all of these assessments for what they are and use what feels helpful.

I am also reminded that the world operates on the action brings results model and I operate on the alignment brings joy that then inspires action that then brings results model. The answers are there for me. I like having the contrast that brings me clarity.

Every day is a new opportunity for more clarity, for more fun, for more contrast. Bring it on!

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