We’re All in This Together

Non-physical help is always available to us. All day, every day we have access to the energy that creates worlds. Even more exciting and reassuring is that this nonphysical energy is focused on us and cares about all the things that we care about.

Isn’t that amazing? Whether you think about this help as your Inner Being, your soul, angels, fairies, God or your dead relatives, all of these entities are all focused on us and with us and are sending us clues all the time. Increasing my belief in this has allowed me to feel better and better each day. We are never alone. We each have an Inner Being who relentlessly showers us with love, support, encouragement and information.

I love the idea of this and I have dedicated myself to testing it out. Whenever I do see evidence of help from Source Energy, I notice it and appreciate it. I had started keeping track of it in a journal for a while and then I got sidetracked from it. It’s time to take that up as a regular practice again. My plan is to set aside some time each night before bed to write down all the surprises, delights and information that my Inner Being led me to during that day. Not only will the act of recording these incidents increase their occurrence, it will create a higher vibrational atmosphere that will bring me a better night’s sleep and an improved receptive mode for the next morning’s meditation.

My Inner Being is always there for me, bringing me answers to my questions, reassurance of my worthiness and wonderful new ideas. Looking back, I can see a steady improvement in my feelings of self-worth and an increased expectation of good things coming to me. I feel more relaxed and more secure because I KNOW that this help is constantly available to me. My questions will be answered at the right time, solutions will appear, and surprises will pop up and delight me.

This is the relationship of a lifetime. This is where all my power is. This is where all my love is. This is where all my creativity is. This is where all my exuberance is. Now that I know this, I can’t go back to worry or fear or powerlessness. In fact, all I want to do is to deepen my connection to Source and allow our energies to blend together on purpose.

Even though this sounds so airy-fairy and even a little bit nuts, I am certain that it is very practical. It simplifies everything and makes my life flow more smoothly. I get impulses on where to go and when, what to buy at the grocery store, what to cook, when to call someone, etc. The list goes on and on and my level of satisfaction grows each day. I am having so much fun along the way and I am excited to see where my path leads me.




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