Cultivating the Feelings of Alignment

I have recently discovered a new feeling. It is a feeling of effortlessness. I feel it when I am doodling in my sketchbook and coloring one of my own designs. I feel so involved in what I am doing and so comfortable doing it. It is exciting in that I don’t know how it’s going to look when it’s finished and that pulls me forward. Time feels irrelevant.

This is wonderful. This is what I have been looking for in my life. It feels so life-giving and so satisfying to me. Now that I know this and have taken notice, I can cultivate this feeling. It’s important to give myself time to draw for no other reason than for the joy of it. It’s important to create a space that allows me to sit down and engage in this activity easily.

To that end, I am creating a dedicated place in my apartment where I can indulge in all my favorite creative activities. There will be a table and a comfy chair and all my supplies close at hand. I can leave my projects out on the table so that it is as easy to sit down for five minutes as it is to sit down for an hour. I can have more than one project going on at one time so that I can dabble at what inspires me at the moment.

I feel like a little kid in kindergarten as I write this. I am picturing paper and scissors and paste alongside paints and pencils and yarn and beads. This feels like heaven to me. This feels like coming home to myself.

Wow! All of this has evolved easily and naturally as I have been following Abraham’s teachings and meditating each morning. There is a great advantage to paying attention to how I feel and always reaching for a better feeling thought. It has also been very effective to be kind to myself and to have dropped the habit of self-criticism.

This is fun! I am rediscovering who I was when I was born. I have always loved arts and crafts and The Universe is reminding me of this all the time. It is also showing me that I can have what I want. I am taking myself and my desires seriously by creating the atmosphere and the environment to allow this passion to grow. I don’t know where this path is leading me and the destination doesn’t matter because I am enjoying myself every step along the way.


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