A Gentle Revelation

As I munched my way through a box of cereal while I sat on the couch watching a mediocre movie last night, I had a life-changing revelation. I feel better when I am creating. I used to love to watch movies and I have watched thousands of movies in my lifetime. Last night I felt heavy, lethargic and uninspired. I understood that my inner creativity was calling me off the couch to make something new.

This is a key understanding for me. Creating feels better than consuming. When I don’t honor that call, I feel stifled and I eat. I don’t just eat, I overeat. I munch and I crunch on candy and potato chips and cookies and even cereal. I had stopped doing this when I started Weight Watchers seven months ago. When the behavior reappeared last month, I allowed it to happen and I paid attention to how I felt while it was going on.

Now I know how to deal with it. I can turn my attention to working on something creative. Drawing, crocheting, coloring, sewing, taking pictures and writing are some of the activities that feed my soul. It doesn’t matter anymore that I was belittled as a child for wanting to do these things. The idea that my creativity is worthless unless it makes money simply isn’t true.

What does matter is that being creative feels so good to me. Leaving out the monetary aspect is crucial right now. My soul work (and sole work) is to follow the impulses that excite me. Making something for the fun of it is enough of a reason to do it. Drawing an original abstract design and coloring it in satisfies me deeply. Isn’t that what I am after? Yes, it is! True satisfaction comes from aligning with who I really am and who I really am is an artist.

Abraham says that we came for the creating, not the creation. I love that! I also love that the ability to create is endless. When I finish one thing, I can make another and another and another. My Inner Being keeps offering me new ideas. I feel the best when I follow them.

I am learning to ignore the outdated voice in my head that tells me that I already made one thing yesterday and that’s more than enough. This curmudgeon also tells me that I should be doing something more productive. Feeding my soul is productive. Expressing my essence is productive. Feeling good is productive.

This is my path of least resistance. I love how I am feeling these days and my expectation is that my life will continue to get better and better each day as I trust in myself and the Universe.



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