Making My Own Rules

There is a history of depression in my immediate family which is probably why I am so determined to be happy. My family had tons of rules that shut down my feelings and desires. I feel so fortunate to have the teachings of Abraham to guide me now. More accurately, I have my own Inner Being who knows everything about me and ceaselessly adores me and constantly calls me toward everything I want.

Isn’t that nice to know? I love knowing that and it is so much fun to look for evidence of that. The evidence is piling up all around me:

  • I see signs everywhere.
  • I feel impulses to do things that turn out wonderfully.
  • People are nice to me wherever I go.
  • I feel good in my body.
  • Food tastes better.
  • There is beauty everywhere I go.
  • I feel free.
  • I feel powerful.
  • I feel content.

My personal rules for my life are these:

  • Trust myself.
  • Trust the Universe.
  • Expect great things.
  • Pay attention to how I feel.
  • Be nice to myself.
  • Suspend judgement of myself and others.
  • Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!

Momentum is building. I can feel it. The Universe is knocking itself out to please me and I can honestly say that I am now allowing myself to receive more and more of what is in my vortex each day.

This stuff really works!


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