Happy Where I am and Eager for What’s Coming

I am exactly where I want to be. This grand experiment of moving to a new city and religiously studying and practicing the teachings of Abraham-Hicks is a resounding success. Being on my own has created an atmosphere of quiet and calm that has allowed me to improve my ability to hear my Inner Being. At first I thought that something was wrong because I wasn’t making friends but I now understand that this absence of outside voices and opinions has created the optimal conditions for tuning into who I really am.

I start every day with a meditation. It’s easy to do and feels very empowering. I love knowing that my Inner Being is paying attention to me and is offering unrelenting love, acceptance and guidance all day long. In the past few weeks I have received clear guidance through books, videos, songs, magazine articles, bird, conversations, coincidences, etc. Each little clue is lighting up my path and I have chosen to trust this process all the more.

Little by little, an image of who I truly am is emerging. I feel strongly guided by my emotions. I now realize that my lifelong habit of evaluating and judging everyone and everything has been so debilitating. What a great way to split my energy! The worst of it was how hard I have been on myself. I am feeling true freedom now in learning to let that go. It’s not my job to decide how other people should live their lives.  It frees up so much space in my head when I cut off a judging thought by saying, “It doesn’t matter”.  This works especially well when I start to wonder what someone else thinks of me. The only opinion that counts is that of my Inner Being and it always adores me! This is so soothing and reassuring.

I like knowing that everyone has his or her own Inner Being and that everyone has the same access to Source Energy. There are as many ways to live as there are people. The variety of lives and lifestyles that exist in our world adds to the value and the beauty of the whole planet. The Law of Attraction is always working for everyone. I can trust that everything is always working out for me and for everyone else, too.

I also believe that knowing these principles is of great advantage for me. I get to play with my energy and allow my Inner Being to help me out. That’s fun and very exhilarating. Life is a big adventure for me as I allow the Universe to bring me answers to my questions and solutions to my so-called “problems”. I am never alone. I always have access to Source Energy. My commitment is to tending to my vibration so that I can pick up on the never-ending clues.

Now that I know all of this, I can’t ever go back to ever feeling powerless. My belief in my ability to create my own reality is increasing every day. I truly am happy where I am and very eager for what is coming!

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