I Can Have Whatever I Want

I am actually starting to believe that I can have whatever I want.  It is the central promise of Abraham’s teachings and what drew me to it in the first place. They always say, “If this time space reality has the wherewithal to inspire within you a desire, it has the wherewithal to deliver it to you in fullness.” What has bothered me most in the past is the belief that I can’t have what I want. I have recently understood that I have unknowingly reacted to this bogus belief by acting in self-destructive ways like overeating or being self-critical. I also noticed that I had unconsciously diminished my interests as unworthy pursuits that were a waste of time.

Having realized this, I have made a commitment to myself to honor my passions. The things that I like are important to me and that is simply enough of a reason to do them.  Each of us has a unique set of desires and they are all valid. In fact, honoring this unique combination of interests and preferences is the path that will lead us to our particular and deeply personal sense of happiness and fulfillment.

These empowering ideas have evolved incrementally over the past several months. It didn’t happen in an instant. Little by little as circumstances have occurred, my ideas have changed. The morning meditation has opened up my ability to receive guidance. Writing down the evidence of the guidance has increased my awareness of how often it is available to me. It is really getting to be fun now. I can see and feel and notice all the abundance and love and encouragement around me.

My inner being is unrelenting in its love for me. It is the best friend I could ever have. It loves me unconditionally and never has even the slightest whiff of criticism for me. It embodies the qualities of the ideal lover, ideal friend, ideal parent, ideal child and ideal boss. In short, it is the best relationship ever! I love knowing that it is constantly focused on me. It is all my own. It knows everything about me and wants me to have everything that I want.

Nurturing and appreciating this relationship with my inner being is very powerful in increasing the positive momentum in my life. My inner being is always on my side. The more that I allow myself to feel the same way, the better I feel. Feeling good is the goal. This is what I am focusing on moment by moment. I love knowing that I am creating my own reality and that I have a supernatural partner with me all the time. It’s also good to know that everyone else also has an inner being and that we are all in this together. We are much more loved and supported than we have ever realized.

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