It’s Being Taken Care Of

“It’s being taken care of.” That is the phrase that dropped into my thoughts this morning. It felt like relief and reassurance and that’s how I know that it was from my Inner Being. The wording feels a little clumsy and at the same time, it feels very colloquial. It’s what a friend would say to help me feel better or even what I would say to help someone else.

More and more, I want to feel that way about everything all the time. I want to KNOW that. I want to believe wholeheartedly in the Universe supporting me all the time, moving things into place on my behalf and offering me clues to help me along my path. I love the idea of this. This is what draws me so strongly to these teachings. As far as I know, it is the only teaching that puts divinity within us. We are Source Energy in physical bodies. We are human and divine at the same time.

Wow! In being human, we get to experience life through our five senses. In being divine, we get to experience life through our emotions. Blending the two together allows us to create everything we want. This is the promise of Abraham’s teachings and this is what I seek to experience each day.

Life isn’t random. We have the keys to manage our point of attraction. In every moment, we can choose a thought that feels better or one that feels worse. We can train ourselves to expect goodness. We can practice appreciation. We can learn to let go of judgements, justification and defensiveness. We can pay attention to how we feel and recognize that anytime that we feel a negative emotion it is because our Inner Being disagrees with the thought that we are thinking.

I love the idea that everyone has an inner being that constantly shines light and love and encouragement on us. We are never alone. We are never powerless. Our power comes from paying attention to how we feel and accepting the infallible guidance that our emotions bring to us.

When I was a little girl I got into a lot of trouble for my feelings. I got yelled at and threatened whenever my feelings were inconvenient for my parents. I now know that my ability to feel deeply has been the most powerful force in my life. What was most criticized about me then is what I am embracing now. Even as a child I knew that life is supposed to be fun and that everything is always working out. I never wanted to believe the limiting fearful ideas that my parents had.

Of course, I also understand that they were operating within the knowledge that they had. They were fearful immigrants in an unfamiliar situation doing the very best that they could. They were also the perfect parents for me in that they laid the foundation for all the wonderful skills I am learning now. That early unhappiness created all sorts of amazingly joyful experiences in my vortex. I have experienced a great many of those already and there are countless more for me. I am excited to see how skillful I become at mastering my point of attraction.


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