Leveraging the Energy that Creates Worlds

Consistently meditating is paying off. Messages, signs and impulses are showing up every day. An impulse to sit down and write in my journal brought me this powerful message:





That’s exactly what I have been doing. A book called Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser just happened to have been left on the table at the library a few weeks ago. It attracted me so I took it home and read it. It was full of stories of people who have used writing practices to manifest their desires.

These stories reminded me that the great power in writing is increased focus. With all the distractions from my phone, Netflix and the internet, I had stopped my morning practice of journal writing. Starting it up again has been so beneficial. When I write by hand, the words come through my heart and my soul to my pen. If I let the handwriting be as sloppy or as neat as it wants to be, more and more truth comes out. It is safe for me to allow these revelations appear on the page of my journal because my journal is private. There will be no one judging or grading my thoughts. What a sense of freedom that brings!

Another powerful tool has been my manifestation journal. I had started it two years ago as a book of positive aspects and it had morphed into a book of doodles. The processes I had been using felt like trying too hard, so I drew designs instead. Now I have been inspired to note all the delightful manifestations, so-called coincidences and signs from the Universe that I receive each day. Focusing increases momentum and more and more wonderful things are appearing each day.  As I typed that last sentence, two beautiful mourning doves landed on the balcony ledge outside my window, chirping noisily to get my attention and confirming the validity of my thoughts!

I am savoring all the goodness of the food that I eat, the natural beauty all around me, the kindness of the people I meet, the joy in the music I hear, the comfort of my bed, the deliciousness of the coffee I drink, the satisfaction of the conversations I have, the joy in the jokes I hear and the excitement I feel in new ideas. This is definitely corny and I am becoming more comfortable with all of this blatant exuberance.

I believe I now understand more fully what it means when people say “Enjoy the journey”. Our lives are made of moments. Being able to enjoy more and more of the richness that each moment can deliver is a super power, in my opinion. I appreciate knowing this and I intend to hone my super power daily. To the world, I may look like a mild-mannered unassuming woman but in actuality I am a powerful spiritual explorer excited to be on my uniquely personal path.



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