This May Sound Corny

Corny.  Unsophisticated. Naïve. Unrealistic. Dimwitted. These are the words I associate with expressing excitement and joy. I became acutely aware of this the other day when I was writing about how much satisfaction I had gotten from a simple bouquet of daffodils in an unassuming Mason jar.

I felt embarrassed by my “unwarranted” delight in this inexpensive, ordinary object. It wasn’t a moneymaker, it didn’t bring me recognition or status and it certainly didn’t solve any problems of the world. Yet, these slender green stems holding the possibility of blossoming into a mini fanfare of spring made me so very happy.

On the first day, there was only a tiny bit of yellow peeking out of the top of one stem. The next morning yielded one large perfect blossom and the beginning of a couple more. I marveled at the fluted cone that made up the center of the flower and the ring of pointed petals that adorned the base. It is such an impressive design! By day three, after all of the flowers had bloomed, I was thrilled each time I laid eyes on them.

So now I have decided to allow myself to be blown away by whatever strikes me as beautiful, splendid, magnificent, delightful, amazing, astonishing, impressive or awe-inspiring. I get to like whatever I choose to like without apology. There is no right or wrong when it comes to tastes and preferences. In fact, preferences are what make us unique individuals.

It’s likely that this feeling of embarrassment comes from my childhood, from having been teased or criticized. It is also probably a result of paying attention to the media when it tells us what’s cool, what’s worthwhile and what’s important.

None of that matters. I have decided to be my own arbiter of taste and to take pleasure in all the delights that this human life has to offer. It is a vast buffet of options from which I can choose freely. I can love movies, chocolate, flowers, trains rides, trees, waterfalls, butterflies, languages, books, art museums, purses, shoes, architecture, coffee, wine, clothes, crocheting, photography, color, collage, paper, journals, thrift stores, book stores, libraries, outdoor cafes, house plants, public gardens, parades, fireworks, bubbles, cheese, ice cream, French fries, burgers, doughnuts, sewing, words, dining outdoors, statues, fountains, lakes, the ocean, rivers, bridges, castles, stately homes, mansions, the desert, botanical gardens, music, dancing, giraffes, penguins, flamingos and on and on.

My plan is to enjoy the heck out of everything that appeals to me and to be unafraid to let my excitement show. I feel so lucky to have this human physical life with internal spiritual guidance. It is the perfect combination for creating magnificence and that is the experience I came for.



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