Choosing to Blossom

My younger brother called me last night. Now that both of our parents and our only sister have died, it is his habit to lament growing older. He sees signs of his decline and he is obviously worried that he will be subject to the various ailments that our relatives suffered when they were alive.

I don’t say much during these conversations, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with his fears. I make understanding noises and let the topic run itself out. After these calls, I continue to practice my beliefs about alignment and vitality.

We get what we think about. I will admit that our society’s view of aging and decline had snuck up on me last summer and I started to feel that it may be too late to create a life I love. Then I snapped out of it when I realized that I am not even old enough to get the senior discount for the bus and I am years away from Social Security. It was time to focus on what Abraham has to say about moving through time.

“Moving through time” sounds so much better than “aging”. We are all moving through time and we are all going to die. What interests me is HOW we navigate our time on earth. Are we having fun? Are we enjoying ourselves?  Are we learning new things, meeting new people, seeing new sights?  Are there new adventures on the horizon? Is it exciting to wake up every morning?

Before I moved to Sacramento, I had a new perspective about the stages of my life. The first thirty years were about growing up and becoming an adult, the next twenty-eight years were about fulfilling a family role that was created when my mother died and now this part of my life is about my becoming the best, most fun, most creative, most enlivened version of myself that I can imagine.

This is my time. I am healthy and strong and full of life. My thoughts and feelings create my health. The happier I am, the healthier I am. I know that I am in full control of my focus. Well-being is my choice. Each day brings more to enjoy and appreciate.


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