A New Understanding

What’s great about these teachings is their consistency. Studying Abraham’s work continues to bring me deeper insights into how I am thinking and being in relationship to the Laws of the Universe. It’s all about my approach to myself and to the world.

I now understand that I have been avoiding thinking about things that bug me and that’s ok. That slows the momentum of unwanted things. What I am excited about now is the idea that I can put more energy into thinking about the things that I do want to increase the momentum of allowing more of what I desire into my physical day-to-day experience.

Perhaps this is evidence of how well my daily morning meditation is working. Through meditation, I get new ideas and I follow through on them. As a result, I feel like I have come to a new place. I feel like I have a higher point of view that is clearer and less cluttered than before. My point of view and my point of attraction have shifted.

It may be that I have strengthened my belief in my manifesting powers and in the magnificent power of the Universe at my disposal. Now I am willing to let myself think about the things that I want not because I have to plead my case to the Universe but because I want to line up with all the goodness that I have already created  and that is waiting to show up for me in my life.

So now I am purposely thinking about the things that I want when I am feeling good. I am also remembering to focus on all the things that I appreciate. Both of these practices allow me to feel good in the moment and allow the positive momentum to build. I feel more confident and sure-footed. All is well!

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