Trusting the Process

After a couple of days of not feeling so good, it is time to regroup and get back on track. I want to feel good. I was feeling pretty darn good, running around having fun, working on artistic projects, eating good food, meeting new people, reveling in the moment and anticipating more wonderful things to come.

Then I made the mistake of “taking score too soon”. I looked around and did not see anything tangible to prove that I was on the right track. Ugghhh! Ok, that is a normal human way to look at things. In the spiritual sense, there are no mistakes. This is simply contrast and contrast is valuable in that it brings clarity. I was feeling pressured by the imaginary judgement of others to justify myself and my existence.

There is no need for that. I was the one making that up and I am the one who can focus differently. Those limiting beliefs of how I should be can be easily replaced. I can tell myself that it doesn’t matter whenever I start an inner rant of how things should be. There are endless ideas about how “things should be” out there in the world. In fact, there are endless squabbles about what is right and what is wrong, especially in the media.

I realize that I can rely solely on my emotional guidance system to steer the focus of my thoughts. If something feels bad, it means that I am focused in a way that disagrees with how my inner being sees the same thing. If something feels good, then I am in alignment with my inner being.

That sounds like a lot of gobbledygook. It means that I can decide on what to focus on by the way that that particular subject makes me feel. If I feel happy and optimistic about the subject then I can continue in that vein. If it is something that bugs me, I can drop the subject by telling myself that it doesn’t matter or that it is none of my business. Nothing is more important than my alignment.

Reminding myself of these principles makes me feel empowered!

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