It’s Attraction! It’s Attraction! It’s Attraction!


My very favorite thing about these teachings is that we get to be one hundred percent responsible for what comes into our lives. Nothing is happening to us. Everything that we experience is a result of our point of attraction. I like this. No, I LOVE this. It is so empowering! I know that the better I get at raising my vibration, the better my life will be.

This only depends on me. Just me. No one else. I don’t need anyone else to help me or understand me or agree with me. What’s more, I can work on this all day, every day in the privacy of my own mind.  Source Energy, my Inner Being, the fairies of the Universe, my angels and all my dead ancestors are with me all the time paying attention to me, guiding me, encouraging me and lighting up my path of least resistance.

How do I know how aligned I am? I can tell by the way that I feel. My feelings matter and they are dependable. These very same feelings that got me in trouble as a child are actually my salvation as an adult. Now I understand that any negative emotion that I am feeling is an indication of my thinking a thought that my Inner Being doesn’t agree with. When I am feeling unworthy or guilty, my Inner Being is still beaming unconditional love and acceptance at me and that is why I feel so terrible.

This contrast is always going to be with me. It’s what causes us to grow and move forward. It brings us clarity about the beliefs we have that are holding us back. I now know from experience that whenever I bump up against something that upsets me terribly that all I have to do is take a look at how I feel, figure out why I feel this way and allow myself to feel the temporary discomfort knowing that I will feel so much better and clearer the next day.

This happened to me on the weekend. It all started with a new development with the last portion of my inheritance. My father died in September 2016. Since then, I have received a considerable amount of money in installments. To say that I have mixed feelings about this would be an understatement. I feel happy about the freedom it brings me and I also feel guilty about having it and about how I am spending it. I was aware of this and I did my best to deal with the feelings as they occurred.

However, a conversation with a friend sent me into a tizzy. I tried to ignore it, but it wouldn’t go away. My friend had made some comments that were well-meaning but I heard criticism and judgement. Yuck! It felt awful. I hate having anyone tell me what I should do or tell me that I am doing something wrong. It freaks me out. I value my personal freedom above everything else.

The good news is that I am aware of this and I KNEW that it was upsetting to me only because I was the one who was being so hard on myself and that I was also the only one who could make it better. Knowing this lets everyone else off the hook. I don’t have to control what anyone else says or does. Recognizing that I can benefit from these bad feelings allows me to examine what my beliefs are and leads me to thinking better feeling thoughts. I went through this rough patch in the space of a day. There were some tears. There was some powerful self-recrimination that stood out to me as just an old habit that I never have to willingly do to myself again.

The next day I felt light and clear. I had a wonderful day and now I feel that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Everything is unfolding perfectly. All is well.







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