The Promise of the Vortex

Abraham teaches that we are Source Energy in a physical body. That means that we are both human and spiritual. The most appealing part of the teachings is that we can be, do and have anything that we want. Once we have a desire, Source Energy creates it and holds it for us in the Vortex. Ah, the Vortex! Before the terminology of the Vortex, there was Vibrational Escrow. I must confess that I find the words that Abraham uses to be clunky and requiring translation. The message resonates so strongly with me that I have always worked around the wording to figure out what it all really means and how I could apply this information to my life.

Ask and it is given. How wonderful that sounds! Anytime we ask for anything, it is created in some nebulous place called the Vortex. All we have to do is line up our energy to receive it. There have been endless processes offered over the years to help us raise our vibration and release resistance. Another way to say that is that Abraham has offered techniques to help us feel better. Many of these processes have helped me tremendously over the years.

Lately, the big push is the recommendation to meditate every morning for fifteen to twenty minutes. This really works! I have been doing this for seven months and I am the happiest I have ever been. The meditation opens up my mind to receive impulses from my Inner Being. All I have to do is follow them.

This is what I am doing. I am retraining myself to TRUST in this process. I trust that I have an Inner Being and that it knows exactly what I want, where it is and that it is leading me to it on the path of least resistance. I don’t have to figure out why this is the impulse, I just have to follow it and see where it takes me.

This is fun and t is getting easier to do. As I see myself relaxing into this trust, I am also seeing my timing getting better and my experiences becoming more satisfying and fulfilling.

I will be sharing more concrete examples of this as the days go by…


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