Permission to Thrive While Others Don’t?

One of the things that I like so much about listening to the latest YouTube clips of Abraham-Hicks’ seminars is that they often answer a question that I have been pondering recently. Of course they do. After all, it is the Law of Attraction!

An area of resistance that I have had lately is about my ability to live my life freely and to do whatever I feel like doing. I am not working right now and I don’t have to. I have adequate resources that allow me to take my time deciding what work I want to do next. Sometimes I feel guilty about this because it seems to be that most people are stuck doing things that they don’t want to do or that their behavior and attitudes are hurting them. Knowing about the Abraham-Hicks’ teachings feels like an unfair advantage.

Correction: I used to think that way before I heard the answer so clearly this morning. There was an example given about a goat who keeps hitting his head on a post over and over. Abraham explained that there is some satisfaction for the goat in repeating this behavior. The goat likes it. I now understand that whatever life someone else is leading, there is some satisfaction in it. I also know that there are other methodologies, religions and spiritual practices that can bring people into alignment. Everyone is free to find their own way.

My freedom is so satisfying to me and the more I allow myself to be happy about it, the more it grows. By not fighting myself on it, I am releasing resistance and letting the momentum grow. This is a wonderful place to be!

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